EWOC Concrete Washout Container

    EWOC Concrete Washout Container
    EWOC Concrete Washout Container
    EWOC Concrete Washout Container

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  • EWOC combines innovation and state of the art design to reduce costs and environmental impact, while increasing safety and ease of use on job sites.

    Why choose EWOC over other concrete washout systems?


    • No concrete storage, removal or dumpster rental fees
    • No pump out fees
    • No tool or environmental cleanup fees
    • No more OSHA fines or civil penalties for improper concrete storage or wastewater disposal
    • Decreases labor costs and Increases labor efficiency!


    • Compact, self-contained unit
    • No outside water source needed
    • Fits standard truck box
    • Four-way forklift accessibility
    • Unlimited rigging capability
    • EWOC and EWOC, jr standard
    • Custom sizes available
    • Optional wheel kit available


  • Aluminum box construction; 48" length x 60" width x 23" height; Operates on 35 to 50 gallon capacity; 110v, Electric or Gas-powered; Non-woven Daily Filters (BMP-rated); Storm Water Polution Prevention Plan; (SWPPP)-rated; Wheel sets (Optional)
  • 42" length x 30" width x 42" height; 110v Electric only
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