ROADWARE 10 Minute Concrete Mender Off White
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  • Roadware MatchCrete™ Concrete Mender is used to quickly repair cracks and spalls in concrete. Roadware MatchCrete™ Concrete Mender is mixed with sand to getjust the right finish and color for your floor. By combining local varieties of sand with the Microdoweling™ polymers in MatchCrete™ Concrete Mender, you can have a permanent repair that polishes beautifully and performs under all traffic conditions. Repairs may be dyed, hardened, and sealedjust like concrete. Repairs may be polished in 10 to 15 minutes. Uses: Repair cracks. Repair spalls. Fill divots, pop outs, and bolt holes. Fill spalled controljoints. Packaging: 21 floz. dual cartridge units (600 ml) with mixer.

  • Brand: Roadware
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